Upfront Fee

An upfront fee no longer applies to Non-Personal or Mixed Requests since 14 October 2014.

Search and Retrieval/ Photocopying Fees(from 14 October 2014):

Fees may be charged in respect of the time spent in locating and copying records, based on a standard hourly rate of €20.00 for search and retrieval and €0.04 for copying per page. The first 5 hours (€100) of search and retrieval is free. Once the charge exceeds €100, full fees apply.

There is a cap on the amount of search and retrieval and copying fees that can be charged of €500 (25 hours approx.) .i.e. an FOI request that costs €650 is charged at €500. There is a further upper limit on estimated search and retrieval and copying fees at €700 (35 hours) above which an FOI body can refuse to process the request, unless you are prepared to refine the request to bring the search and retrieval and copying fees below the limit.

A deposit is payable where the total fee for search and retrieval is likely to exceed €100. In these circumstances, the organisation will notify you.