Development Scheme for Managers

New applications under this scheme will not be accepted at present. Requests for new applications will be sought in due course.

Údarás na Gaeltachta has developed this scheme so that suitably qualified Gaeltacht applicants will gain the necessary skills and experience as managers and specialists to compete for vacancies in client companies.

The applicant may be employed by a client company, in which case Údarás may reimburse up to 75 per cent of the additional costs which fall on the company arising out of the development programme (eligible costs may include wages, instructor’s fees, subsistence, travel, course fees, etc.)

Alternatively, the applicant may be funded directly by Údarás na Gaeltachta in the form of a scholarship. Scholarships are offered in accountancy, marketing, production, community development and other areas.


This training opportunity is aimed at fluent Irish speakers from the Gaeltacht


  • Applicants should contact Údarás na Gaeltachta, forwarding their C.V.
  • Suitable applicants will be interviewed and, if successful, an individual development programme will be agreed for that person, a mixture of experience and practical skills, instruction and formal study, with the emphasis on practicality
  • The training is closely aligned to the requirements of the work-place and usually lasts between 1½ and 3 years
  • Even while learning, every effort is made to give each individual responsibility and specific tasks so as to increase his/her own job satisfaction and to facilitate the measurement of his/her progress
  • Where the trainee is employed by a client company, the programme, including the costs and the division of those costs between the company and the Údarás, must be agreed prior to commencement
  • Trainees who are on scholarships may spend periods of work experience in different companies in the Gaeltacht or elsewhere.