Údarás na Gaeltachta are offering Apprentice Scholarships, worth in excess of €2,000 each, to candidates interested in obtaining an apprenticeship qualification recognized by the Apprenticeship Council. Further information on apprenticeships and related qualifications can be found at

If you are interested in applying for one of these scholarships, please complete the application form and return to:

An Rannóg Oiliúna & Oideachais,
Údarás na Gaeltachta,
Na Forbacha,
Co. na Gaillimhe

Before: 21/06/2019

Information on apprenticeships are available below:


  • The apprenticeships are usually advertised twice a year, in early Spring and in the Summer;
  • N.B. Interest in an apprenticeship may be expressed at any time during the year and you will then be contacted by a member of our staff when the apprenticeships are advertised.

Entry Requirements

To qualify applicants must be at least 16 years old and must hold one of the following primary qualifications:

  • A Group Certificate/Intermediate Certificate/Junior Certificate with a pass in five subjects or its equivalent. Please note that a pass in matamatic (ordinary level) is necessary for some apprenticeships; or
  • over 18 years of age with three years’ relevant experience in the trade.

N.B. The apprenticeships are for Gaeltacht applicants who have fluent Irish. Applications are also welcomed from those who have been unemployed and who wish to start a new career.

Selection Process

Successful applicants will be chosen by interview, practical/theory tests and exam results.


  • The apprentice is employed full-time by the recognized company/contractor during the apprenticeship;
  • The apprentice is responsible for finding employment with a recognised company/contractor;
  • If necessary, an tÚdarás is willing to help the apprentice find employment;
  • During his/her apprenticeship, the apprentice will spend periods working with the company/contractor and periods attending SOLAS organised courses and third level colleges.


  • An tÚdaras scholarship offers financial assistance to the apprentice and to his/her company or contractor at specific stages during the apprenticeship.


When you have completed your apprenticeship successfully you will be awarded the QQI Level 6 Advanced Cetificate, which is recognised internationally.

List of Apprenticeships available

Agricultural Mechanic * M Meicneoir Talmhaíochta * M
Aircraft Mechanic * M Meicneoir Eitleáin * M
Brick & Stone laying Bríceadóireacht & Clochadóireacht
Carpenter / Joiner M Cearpantóir / Siúinéir M
Construction Plant Fitter * M Feisteoir Gléasra Tógála * M
Electrician * M Leictreoir * M
Fitter * M Feisteoir * M
Pipefitting M Feistiú Píopaí M
Floor/Wall Tiler * Tíleoir Balla/Urlár *
Stonecutting & Stonemasonry Gearradh Cloch & Saoirseoireacht Chloiche
Heavy Vehicle Mechanic * M* Meicneoir Feithiclí Troma * M
Instrumentation Craftsperson * M Ionstraimíocht * M
Electrical Instrumentation * M Ionstraimíocht Leictreach * M
Metal Fabricator M Oibrí Miotail M
Motor Mechanic * M Meicneoir Gluaisteáin * M
Painter/Decorator * Péintéir/Maisitheoir *
Plasterer Pláistéir
Plumber * M Pluiméir * M
Print Media * M Meáin Clóite * M
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning * M Cuisniú & Aerchóiriú * M
Sheet Metal worker M Oibrí Miotal Leatháin M
Toolmaker M Uirliseoir M
Vehicle Body Repair * Deisitheoir Cabhail Feithicle *
Farriery Crúdóireacht Capall
Industrial Insulation * M Insliú Tionsclaíoch * M
Electronic Security System * M Ceardaí Córas Slándála Leictreonach * M
Wood Manufacturing & Finishing M Déantúsaíocht & Bailchríochniú Adhmaid M
Insurance Practitioner Printíseacht Árachais
Industrial Electrical Engineer Printíseacht Innealtóireacht Leictreach Tionsclaíoch

M = MATHAMATICS REQUIRED (Junior Certificate ordinary level or its equivalent) * = Pass a colour blindness test recognised by SOLAS

For more information contact:

An Rannóg Oiliúna & Oideachais
Údarás na Gaeltachta
Na Forbacha
Phone: 091 503121