Community Development Initiatives

Údarás na Gaeltachta’s community development strategy aims to empower Gaeltacht communities to optimise and develop their local resources.

An tÚdarás recognises that economic development, cultural conservation, language enhancement and job-creation are intertwined and central to sustainable development of Gaeltacht communities.

An tÚdarás offers a range of schemes and initiatives to support Gaeltacht communities to play active role in the economic, social and cultural development of their communities.

The organisation provides substantial funding and support services to over 30 community cooperatives and community development companies throughout the Gaeltacht which assists them to become strong and proactive resources local development groups.

An tÚdarás administers a number of social employment schemes, provides funding to support pre-school groups, youth clubs, arts and culture initiatives and language services centers. It works with the with local community structures, through the various social employment schemes, to enhance the social infrastructure of the Gaeltacht and ensure the provision of services for the elderly.