Sectors Supported

Hundreds of companies/enterprises have established businesses in the Gaeltacht.

The key sectors we assist include:

Internationally Traded Services

An tÚdarás provides supports for businesses in the Internationally Traded Services sector which include software, financial services, shared services, customer support activities, call centres and business process outsourcing companies.

Service companies in the Gaeltacht have delivered better customer service, provided innovative business solutions and reduced costs.

Audio-visual and Digital Media

Assistance may be available for production companies, post-production services, subtitling, studio productions and skills development facilities.

Direct funding for film production/programming is not available.

Life Sciences

Ireland has become a key global location for the life sciences industry with companies in the pharmaceutical/chemical, biopharmaceutical, medical devices and diagnostics sectors located throughout the country.

There are a number of clusters located throughout Ireland which are well-supported by a sophisticated infrastructure of serviced sites, public utilities as well as specialist support companies and services.

Such regions include Galway and Cork which have some of the largest bio medical, medical device and pharmaceutical companies in the country. The Gaeltacht areas of Galway and Cork therefore, maybe strategic locations to establish such a business.

Manufacturing and Engineering

The manufacturing and engineering sector continues to play an important role in the Gaeltacht economy. An tÚdarás would like to promote the further development of this sector with specific focus on the niche manufacturing of innovative, higher value-added products and those business seeking to achieve world-class excellence.

ICT (Information and Communications Technology)

Support is provided to ICT businesses (e.g. web design, e-learning, etc.) in Gaeltacht areas. The telecommunications infrastructure in the Gaeltacht has advanced in recent years with many areas providing a competitive high-speed broadband service that can meet most businesses’ communications requirements.


The coastal positioning of the Gaeltacht allows those regions a significant advantage as aquaculture and fish processing are important in terms of income and employment.

The aquaculture and fish processing sectors are promoted by An tÚdarás as part of its regional development strategy. There are development and employment opportunities available for a wide range of businesses, from seafood processing, finfish and shellfish growth, to seaweed processing and research on new species.

Funding is available from Údarás to projects in this sector to aid feasibility studies, research and development and R.T.I. grants. Other assistance such capital grants are available through Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance Operational Programme.

Language-based Enterprise

The Irish language is a resource that may be a basis for business and a source of income and employment. Eligible enterprises include those that provide services/products through the medium of the Irish language and include translation services, editorial services, publishing and graphic design, business support services, simultaneous translation companies, and other services such as office, secretarial and accounting.

An tÚdarás is particularly interested in the promotion and development of Irish language-based enterprises and consequently the financial incentives available are higher than those for other business sectors.


Food is Ireland’s single largest indigenous industry and it plays a critical role in the continued success of the Irish economy.

The food industry is also strong in the Gaeltacht and some of the most recognised food brands in the country are located there. These include both small and large enterprises in areas such as fish and shellfish processing, snack foods, bakery, conserves, preserves and confectionary production.

An tÚdarás recognises the potential for growth in the food industry and would like to promote further development of the sector by focussing on value-added, innovative and market-led food products.


Tourism is one of the worlds fastest growing industries with the sector having the capacity to respond and develop quickly to changes in the economic environment.

Irish language and culture adds a unique dimension to tourism in Ireland. As a destination, the Gaeltacht in turn is unique and offers the visitor experiences that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

More than half of all overseas visitors to Ireland are interested in experiencing the countrys living and historic culture.

Tourism provides the Gaeltacht with important opportunities to grow the local economy, create employment and generate income for its communities while celebrating and presenting its language and culture to the world.

If you are interested in establishing or developing your own tourism business in the Gaeltacht, you will find information relating to financial assistance available from Údarás na Gaeltachta, here.

The development of cultural tourism is central to Údarás na Gaeltachta’s Strategy Plan.

Údarás’ Tourism Plan aims to:

  • Increase the number of tourists, their length of stay in the Gaeltacht and increase their expenditure;
  • Increase and upgrade tourist products in the Gaeltacht;
  • Increase awareness and profile of the Gaeltacht as a holiday destination.

Assistance is available from Údarás for the development and promotion of tourism projects.

Other assistance is also available for:

  • Gaeltacht tourism companies and business;
  • Festivals and major events in the Gaeltacht;
  • Community based tourism initiatives.

Please contact our tourism executive for further information.

Arts and Crafts

The Gaeltacht has a long tradition of craft making and both the contemporary and traditional arts are very much part of community life.

An tÚdarás recognises the importance of both sectors and provides incentives to further aid their development and promotion in the Gaeltacht.

With regard to the Arts, support is available to artists and Arts projects through Arts Development Schemes offered by Ealaín na Gaeltachta Teo, an Údarás subsidiary that is jointly funded by An tÚdarás and the Arts Council.

Assistance is also available for both the craft making and arts sector through the general Údarás grants and schemes.

Renewable Energy

An tÚdarás provides support to businesses, organised community groups and individuals for the preliminary stages of establishing renewable energy enterprises which include wind and solar energy, biomass-based projects and energy-serving systems.

Island Enterprise

The islands are a very important part of the Gaeltacht and development of the islands pose a particular challenge in todays world.

An tÚdarás focuses on the inhabited islands, these are Cléire, Árainn, Inis Meáin, Inis Oírr, Inis Bigil, Árainn Mhór and Toraigh.

It is the policy of An tÚdarás to ensure the sustainability of these islands in the future. An tÚdarás understands the extra costs and the exceptional difficulties that apply to island living and as a result of this extra funding is available to help maintain enterprise and employment on the Islands.

Below is an outline of the type of assistance available:

  • Employment grant up to €13,000 for every registered full time job and €6,500 for every registered part-time/seasonal job in service enterprises.
  • Grant aid up to €2,500 above the employment grant per job for highly skilled positions in language-based businesses.
  • Enterprise space for community projects and private enterprises as required at a special rate.
  • Grant aid up to 80 per cent for non-trading community projects developed through co-ops or community based companies.
  • Grant aid up to €200,000 over a 3 year period (NB – Under the De Minimis Rule).

For further information contact your local office.