Metal-pressed parts from Donegal company

Company name

Faisc Miotail Teo, Irish Pressings


Gaoth Dobhair Business Park, Doirí Beaga, Co. Donegal


Feasibility Study, Capital Grants, Employment Grants


On-going support since 2005


Brothers Declan and Brendan Ward both have 20 years experience as senior engineers with Kirchhoff Automotive. In 2005 they decided to set up their own business making metal-pressed parts for the construction and automotive industries. After carrying out an Údarás-sponsored feasibility study, they began operations in 2006 in a factory, provided by Údarás in the Gaoth Dobhair Business Park. The company employs seven people and provides wall ties, joint hangers and other parts to the construction industry nationwide.


Says Declan Ward, CEO Faisc Miotail, “Údarás has been a great help in terms of finance and advice. We’ve only just started out but we employ seven people and have a strong customer base.”


Faisc Miotail have just installed a green energy heating system in their factory. This is regarded by Údarás as a pilot project which could lead to more green energy heating in other Údarás buildings. Faisc Miotail are at the start of a three year plan which they hope will result in employing 24 people and supplying parts to the UK automotive industry. See