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  • ‘Be different. Think different. Talk different.’ – Speech by the economist David McWilliams.

Video Clips

  • Breandán Ó Broin, A Company of Words, talking about the general advantages of using Irish is advertising and marketing. Watch the clip.
  • Breandán Ó Broin talking about the most effective ways in which companies and agencies can start using Irish in marketing and advertising. Watch the clip.
  • Emmet Ó Briain, Senior Research Executive for the public sector with IPSOS MORI Ireland, summarising some of the findings of the research undertaken by his company for Foras na Gaeilge on the use of Irish in the private sector. Watch the clip.
  • Michael McArdle, Marketing Director with C&C Ireland describing how the Irish language can sometimes seem a more natural choice for a particular advertisement. Watch the clip.
  • Chris Cawley, Chief Executive of Cawley NBA/TBWA talking about how Irish can be used to make powerful, effective advertising. Watch the clip.
  • Mark Henry, Director of Central Marketing in Tourism Ireland, talking about the importance of Irish as a tool of differentiation in the hospitality sector. Watch the clip.